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Therapy for

When feeling sad, lost, with no motivation, and like life is too difficult to handle, therapy for depression can help.

Therapy for

Fear of the worst happening, not able to shut down your mind, finding hard to enjoy life because your mind is always worrying about many things. Therapy for Anxiety could be the solution to these difficulties.

Therapy for

Life, at times, brings very unfortunate events that can affect us in many ways, often leaving us suffering, unable to relate to others and find joy in the things we used to love. Therapy for Trauma can help you stop this suffering and live the life you deserve.

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Therapy for women experiencing depression, anxiety, and other mental health related symptoms during pregnancy and postpartum period.


Therapy for women who have experienced a miscarriage, pregnancy loss, stillbirth or infant loss.

Motherhood and Maternal Mental Health

Therapy for women going through the transition to motherhood, and experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. Particularly mothers with toddlers between ages 1 to 3 years-old.

OCD Therapy

Seeking help for intrusive thoughts can be difficult because you don’t understand why you are having these thoughts. You might feel that others (even your therapist) will judge you if you open up and voice those thoughts.

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